Engineering and Development

About EOM

EOM is the Engineering partner of the City of Richmond Hill providing a variety of municipal civil engineering services including technical assistance, site plan review, capital improvement project design, and complete project management. The Engineering staff at EOM, along with the Planning and Zoning Department, and the Public Works Department, work in tandem to ensure that the City infrastructure operates smoothly, citizen desires and concerns are addressed, and the future of Richmond Hill is properly planned for.


Engineering Design Standards (PDF)

Engineering Design Standards Details (PDF)

For your convenience, in addition to PDF forms, we have provided interactive forms below. If you are having trouble viewing the interactive forms, you may need an updated version of Adobe.

Design Engineer Improvements Certification

Design Engineer Invert Certification

Fire Apparatus Access Roads

RH Fire Ordinance (PDF)

Sample 3 Year Maintenance Bond (PDF)

Sample Certification of Non-Litigation (PDF)

Sample Engineering Inspection Services Letter (PDF)

Infrastructure Inspections Checklist (PDF)

Richmond Hill / South Bryan Transportation Study (PDF)

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) (PDF)

Development and Review Fees (PDF)


Have questions? Contact the City Engineer at 912.445.0050