Priority Topics

1. Know your flood hazard
Your property is subject to flooding
Drive safely "Turn around, don’t drown"

2. Insure your property for your flood hazard
If your house is in or near a flood hazard area you need flood insurance
Renters should buy flood insurance for their contents
Take advantage of a low-cost preferred risk policy

3. Protect people from the hazard
Drive safely "Turn around, don’t drown"
Designate a place where your family can rendezvous after an evacuation order is issued

4. Protect your property from the hazard
Replace your flooded furnace with one elevated above the flood level
Keep debris and trash out of the streams and ditches

5. Build responsibly
Get a permit from our Building and Inspections Department before you build
Call Building Inspections at 912-756-3641

6. Protect natural floodplain functions
No pollutants down the storm drains; they drain to the river
Report broken silt fences that help keep our streams clean, to Building Inspections at 912-756-3641

7. Hurricane preparedness
Know your evacuation route:

 From South Bryan, the main evacuation route follows GA highway 144 westward through Fort Stewart. Keep a kit with a battery-powered radio, flashlight, bottles water, sleeping bags, canned food and a can opener on hand. GA Public Broadcasting carries emergency updates, and the local GPB Radio station is at 91.1 on the FM dial.

8. General preparedness
Inventory and photograph your home’s contents and put important papers and insurance policies in a safe place