Profile of Potential Employees

The Kind of Employee We Are Seeking

Things change rapidly in the public service arena and the City of Richmond Hill is one of the fastest growing communities in the southeast. We seek employees that are familiar with the latest issues in their field and are able to adapt to a rapid pace and quickly changing environment.

We seek individuals who are confident in their abilities, have strong technical and analytical skills and are not afraid to make difficult decisions based on what is right, not necessarily what is politically expedient.

Skill Set Needed

Those fitting the Richmond Hill, Georgia profile will see customer service and teamwork as essential to achieving organizational goals and successfully serving the needs of our citizens. Outstanding interpersonal skills and a strong winning attitude are essential.

We seek the best and brightest individuals that are committed to lifelong learning, not only in their field, but in how they can become a more effective member of the Richmond Hill team, using all their talents to more effectively meet the needs of the citizens of our great community.