Routine Business Inspections

Businesses operating within the city limits of Richmond Hill are subject to periodic fire inspections that are typically conducted without notice. An inspector from the Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) will arrive at the place of business, and request entry for inspection purposes. If the business representative feels that it is an inconvenient time for the inspection to occur, our Inspectors will make a reasonable effort to reschedule. However, businesses who repeatedly fail to comply with the inspection process will be subject to inspection through a court ordered administrative warrant. 

Typically fire inspections do not take long, but the duration will vary based on the size of the facility. Upon completion, the inspector will obtain a signature from a business representative and a copy of the inspection form will be emailed to the party responsible for any violation corrections. For most violations, a follow-up inspection will be conducted after 30 days. However, if any violations still exist upon this follow-up inspection, a fee of $50 will be issued to the business, and further re-inspections will be conducted as needed until the violations have been corrected.

In rare circumstances, violations will be found that are determined to be an immediate threat to life safety. These violations must, at a minimum, be addressed while the inspector is still on site. However, in some situations the Fire Marshal may determine that the violation is so severe that an interruption in business operations is required. In this instance, a stop-work order will be issued and the business will be required to close until the violation has been corrected. 

The FMO has provided the below checklist as a representation of what inspectors will be looking for during routine fire inspections. Businesses are encouraged to follow this list in order to avoid fire code violations and the repeated inspections/fees that will result. 

Inspection Checklist