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J. F. Gregory Park Walking Trail

Subfacility of J. F. Gregory Recreational Park

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  1. Bike Trail
  2. Parking
  3. Walking Trail
About the Trail
J. F. Gregory Park is skirted by a 300-acre rice field that predates the Civil War. A three-mile walking trail runs along the top of a dike that encompasses the field, which today is a wooded wetland. In addition to a wide variety of bird species, the trail is home to otters, beavers, alligators, and armadillos.

Birding Tips
  • Types of birds: Songbirds, wading birds, waterfowl
  • Best birding seasons: Songbirds (year-round), wading birds (year-round), waterfowl (winter)
  • Specialties: Prothonotary warbler, wood duck, and barred ow
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