2023 Bulk Trash Day

Bulk Trash Pick Up

Bulk trash is a service provided free-of-charge to our residents during Georgia Cities Week. Annual bulk trash pick-up will begin on Monday, April 24th and continue throughout the week. 

  • This opportunity is only available for Richmond Hill current water account users in residential zoning areas. 
  • Curbside pick-up will include large items such as appliances, furniture, and other bulky items not normally picked up by the regular trash service. 
  • All City residents should place their items on the curb by 7 a.m. the morning of the scheduled pick-up.
  • Only bulk items will be removed - no cardboard boxes or trash bags will be collected. These items should be disposed of through regular trash pick-up or recycling. Residences with these items at the curb will not be collected.
  • The following items will not be collected: tires, hazardous waste items, paint, refrigerators, freezers, oil or oil-based product, grease products, batteries, gas or gas-based products, lawnmowers, Freon or Freon based products.
  • Subdivisions will only be serviced once.
  • Yard waste will not be picked up during this time until bulk trash removal is complete.

Additional information about pick-up schedule soon to be announced!