Billing Adjustments

Types of Bill Adjustments

Water Leaks

We understand that occasionally you may have a water leak such as a broken waterline, leaky faucet, running toilet, etc., that will affect your utility bill. We do offer an adjustment to your account for these unforeseen problems. Your account is eligible for one adjustment every 24 months.

Pool Credits

Once per calendar year, customers who fill up a pool may apply for a credit on the sewer portion of their utility bill. Actual numbers of gallons used to fill the pool must be provided during the same month of filling the pool.

Applying for a Bill Adjustment

Adjustment Due to Water Leak

Please email your completed form, along with a copy of your repair receipt(s), to

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Pool Credit

Please email your completed form to

Download Pool Credit Request Form Opens in new window

About the Credit Process

Credits will be calculated using a 12-month average usage. The average usage is then subtracted from the highest meter reading that includes the leak. The difference in cost is calculated and the water account is credited with that amount on the sewer line of the account. This is because the city actually supplied you with the water, no matter where it went.

The credit will be included in your next water bill or you may request an updated bill/balance from the Utility Billing Department at 912-756-3345.